Joey Ka-Yee Essoe (劉家宜), Ph.D.


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow [Full CV][web]
Advisor: Joseph F. McGuire, Ph.D. 
Division: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Institution: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


  • B.A., Psychology (Emphasis: Psychophysiology), Graduated Cum Laude
    San Francisco State University (SFSU), San Francisco, CA
  • M.A., Psychology (Major: Behavioral Neuroscience; Minor: Quantitative Psychology)
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA
  • C.Phil., Psychology (Major: Cognitive Neuroscience; Minor: Quantitative Psychology)
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA
  • Ph.D., Psychology (Major: Cognitive Neuroscience; Minor: Quantitative Psychology)
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA

Research Interests

My research background is in cognitive neuroscience, with a speciality in learning and memory enhancement.  My research focuses on applying learning and memory enhancement strategies to optimise evidence-based treatments for childhood neuropsychiatric conditions. I am also interested to apply cognitive neuroscience techniques to evaluate treatment outcomes. Toward this end, my research uses novel technologies such as immersive virtual reality (VR), mobile applications (apps), and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) to examine strategies to enhance therapeutic learning in evidence-based behavioural therapies.

Personal Interests

Besides my work, I enjoy theological studies, good company, and good food. I am fluent in English and Chinese (dialects: Mandarin and Cantonese), speak enough Japanese to ask for food (often resulting in pleasant surprises), and dabble in biblical Greek and Hebrew.


  • Tourette’s Association of America Young Investigator Award (2019-2022)
  • Tourette’s Association of America Young Investigator Travel Award (2020, 2022)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • UCLA Doctoral Student Travel Grant
  • DARPA Young Faculty Award, PI: Dr. Jesse Rissman, Role: Graduate Researcher
  • UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship (GSM) Award
  • UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (GSRM) Award (2)
  • UCLA Distinguished University Fellowship
  • Distinction in Human Biology, the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE).
  • Mustard Seed Foundation, Harvey Fellows (Finalist)
  • National Academy Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (Alternate List Honorable Mention)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (Honourable Mention)

Leadership Positions and Society Memberships


* denotes student mentees

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