Medical Residents and Trainees

Elizabeth Steuber, M.D.

Resident Psychiatrist | Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

My research focus is built on understanding the psychophysiological and neural correlates of abnormal fear processing, which underlie psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety-spectrum disorders. Most importantly, I am interested in how these correlates may inform treatment plans and contribute to improved patient outcomes. Through clinically-driven translational research, I am hopeful that more precise treatment strategies may be developed, leading to a marked reduction in morbidity associated with psychiatric illness. 

As a general resident psychiatrist, my clinical focus is on caring for individuals struggling with psychiatric distress across the lifespan. However, within psychiatry, I am particularly interested in treating teenagers and young adults struggling with anxiety and mood disorders. I use both evidence-based psychotherapy and pharmacologic interventions to help patients and their families thrive and achieve their maximum potential.